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Streamline Your
Team's Collaboration

Oversee your entire firm’s workflow with collaborative agendas and Kanban boards. Measure employee progress, assign tasks and never miss another deadline.

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Reinvent Your Workflow Management

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Time Tracking for Every Task

Track billable hours for all tasks and explore productivity data with insights. Discover your most valuable employees and clients. 

Daily To-Do Lists and Calendars

Stay up-to-date with mini dashboards, which are integrated with Google Calendar and display your daily tasks/events.

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In-Depth Task Breakdowns

Specific attributes for every task for easier categorization and collaboration. 

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Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 2.44.15 PM.png

Distribute Workload Among Employees

Assign tasks and clients to employees, with specific deadlines, descriptions, and subtasks. 

Allow employees to collaborate on tasks, while overseeing any recent activity.

Never Miss Another Deadline or Event

Integrated with Google Calendar, view your calendar events and tasks on AccoAI.

Receive reminders for upcoming deadlines, and view event summaries with widgets. 

Explore Productivity Data with Insights 

Track your firm's productivity. Understand how you and employees allocated billable time, along with your most valuable clients and employees. 
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And so much more....

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