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Protecting Your Data is Our Top Priority

AccoAI utilizes multi-layered network security and built-in privacy protection to ensure data remains secure.


Built-In Privacy Protection with Every Feature

Atlas avoids scanning personal data (identification numbers, bank statements, etc.), and never has access to sensitive information. 


Rounds of security and privacy checkpoints are implemented before AI tasks, and Atlas activity requires user-approval before execution.  We've also gone through multiple rounds of Google security and domain verification, and are transparent with all data access. 

Multi-Layer Network Security

Cloudflare Protection  

Cloudflare's robust Web Application Firewall capabilities actively block malicious bot traffic, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other threats to secure the application. DDoS protection prevents network-layer denial of service attacks.

User Input Validation

Validating user inputs thoroughly on the client-side prevents incorrect or malicious data from being submitted and causing potential injection attacks or other threats, adding an extra layer of protection.

Firebase User Authentication

Firebase user authentication is implemented to handle secure user sessions and JWT tokens for authenticated users, enhancing security by enabling proper access controls.

TLS 1.3 Encryption

TLS 1.3 encryption, the latest protocol, is enabled in the Cloudflare dashboard and used exclusively to secure all data in transit over the network, protecting information from unauthorized access or interception during communication.

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