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Transform Your
Accounting Firm with AccoAI

An AI-powered workspace that automates everyday tasks and streamlines firm workflow.

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All Your Firm's Needs in One AI-Powered Workspace 

Replace 8+ different softwares with powerful workflow management, client tracking, and automation tools.

Meet AtlasYour New AI Assistant

Real-Time Workflow Updates

Atlas automatically updates your calendar events and generates workflow tasks from incoming client requests. 

Streamline Tasks and Data Lookups 

Atlas Chat executes task creation and event scheduling requests, while enabling instant client access. Ask Atlas anything!

Automatic Client Profile Edits

After processing incoming emails, Atlas self-updates client profiles with new, relevant data. 

Centralize your Firm’s Workflow    

Oversee your entire firm’s workflow with collaborative agendas and Kanban boards.

Measure employee progress, assign tasks and never miss another deadline. 

Effortlessly Track Clients & Employees

Ready to ditch messy, inefficient spreadsheets? 
Organize all client data with profiles, which display recent interactions, stored documents and notes, and Atlas insights. 

Automate Email Management, 24/7

Spending hours weekly managing your inbox?

Atlas drafts replies for all incoming emails, composes emails upon request, and updates your workspace from email content. 

Stay Updated with AI-Driven Insights

Explore productivity data and time allocations with detailed insights.

Analyze your most valuable clients, hardest working employees, and personal productivity. 

Experience the AccoAI Effect

8+ Softwares

10+ Tasks


Replaced with AccoAI

~3 Minutes

To fully set-up

Automated with AI

~5 Seconds

To compose emails

Synced with data 

11+ Hours

Saved weekly

Ready to Modernize Your Accounting Firm? 

We’re beyond excited to help declutter and centralize your accounting practice. 
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